Oil Pulling Benefits

OP is a safe, simple, cheap and gentle do it yourself home remedy a divine gift to suffering humanity for all diseases. It cures and prevents diseases and extends your healthy life and requires no specialized training. You can start practice immediately, in the comfort of home and continue practice through out life with benefit.

Benefits to family and society: OP cures and prevents diseases, keeps you and your family healthy, happy, more productive and saves time, unproductive effort, suffering/troubles and money. It minimizes your dependence on doctors, diagnostics, drugs etc and connected hassles. Prevention of sickness is good, not only for you personally but also for the family, society, your organization and the country.

Benefits to organization: OP reduces sickness, absenteeism, increases productivity, minimizes expenditure and directly contributes to profit in the balance sheet. This can be verified in any organization on those employees prone and of proven illness.

Benefits to society, state and country: OP improves overall health, reduces sickness and suffering, minimises the load on public and private health care systems and increases availability of medical facilities and drugs to deserving cases. A healthy nation is invariably a wealthy nation.

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