Spread the Word

Some things you can do to help spread Oil Pulling:

Well Known Law in Physics:
What is proved theoretically may not always be proved experimentally but what is proved experimentally can always be proved theoretically.

Testimonies provide the experimental proof and I gave an indication of the theoretical background of How OP cures Diseases, and the effect of oil in the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes in detail in my Book 2 on Oil Pulling.

The Governments of the world, World Health Organization, Corporations, Companies, NGOs and all those who are interested in the welfare/improving the health of people, may consider propagation of OP as an important curative as well as preventive measure in the promotion of health at the national and international level. This will improve health of people at the least cost, minimum time and effort. If you have a web site, consider linking to http://www.oilpulling.org to help those visiting your web site and thus be of service to them.

Ayurveda texts contain daily hygiene to be followed for maintaining health by all individuals in Swastha Vritha. They could be suitably modified for the present day conditions and propagated among the people. Formulation of these rules and educating the people will improve the health of people at minimal cost and reduce the burden on health services besides being cost effective. The daily and seasonal practices increase immunity, resistance and preserve the health of the individual. The practices are preventive, curative and prophylactic for maintenance of health.

It goes without saying that Media is a major player in spreading the message to the whole world. My special appeal to the media is to cover Oil Pulling in a way you consider best, to reach the least previleged poor people suffering from diseases.