User Opinions

I am practicing oil pulling daily. It is very good. I am instructing all my devotees to practice oil pulling and they are practicing it. I am thankful to you for having taken so much interest to propagate this simple method of cure to all the people.
The Compassionate Almighty God may give you unlimited Devotion, Knowledge and Spiritual strength and protect you!

Swami Devananda, Divine Life Society Rishikesh, U.P

Oil pulling brings out phlegm from the body. Phlegm is poison. Removal of this brings life, energy, light and shine to the body. I can say with 58 years experience in Ayurveda, that oil pulling is a therapy of potency and power to bring health to body.
Dr. T. Madhusudhana Rao, Nuzvid.

I have been doing oil pulling for two years now with my family members.
It is a healthy and good habit and has no side effects.

Dr. Arvind M. Sangolli, M.S., Consultant Surgeon (ENT), Bangalore

This therapy is very simple and inexpensive. Based on the benefits I gained, I strongly recommend this therapy to heart patients as well as people suffering from asthma and other lung infections. It has many good effects and therefore all can practice.
Prof. M.S.Naidu, PhD, IISc, Bangalore

I am kicking off allopathic medicines. I am recommending oil pulling to others. I use gingely oil. All members of my household are now practicing oil pulling. Oil pulling is a magic and wonder cure for all diseases.
Prof C S Mahadevan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

“Many think it is a simple therapy. True it is simple, cheap, safe and sure therapy. It is gentle and kind to the afflicted – a divine gift to the suffering humanity. “Practice it and become healthy”.
Swami Swaroopananda Bharati, (formerly DIG Police), Hyderabad

I am 82 years old. I have been suffering from constipation and piles for the last four decades. Within two weeks of practicing oil pulling, I started getting relief. Inflammation and piles decreased. Decades old pain has gone just by doing oil pulling with gingely (sesame) oil. It is good for all to practice.
Padma Bhusan, Sri Kalogi Narayana Rao, People’s Poet, Tirupathi, A.P

The effect of oil pulling on a variety of diseases like skin lesions, eczema, tooth pain, throat, ulcers, bleeding gums, upper and lower respiratory diseases, allergies, asthma, gynecological disorders, piles, chronic dyspepsia, are surprisingly and unbelievably good, all this at almost negligible cost and with no untoward reactions. I, whole-heartedly and without any inhibitions, recommend oil pulling to all.
(Late) Dr. Nuthakki Venkateswara Rao,
B.A; M.B.B.S; M.S; F.I.C.S; F.I.A.M.S;
Member Central Working Committee, I.M.A, Guntur, A.P